5 Amazing Spring Costco Deals You Don't Want to Miss

Sure, Costco’s regular prices are often a bargain already. But when you can grab that item you needed from Costco while it’s also on sale? That’s the real score.

Happily, it’s not that hard to catch a good deal at Costco. Consider these cool spring deals you can find at Costco right now. (Deals are good through the end of the month, March 31, 2024.)

1. CedarCraft Self-watering Planter | $40 off

Depending on where you live, it could be starting to look a lot like growing season out there. So it’s the perfect time to add a little something to your spring garden — like a new planter. This 21″x47″x32″ raised planter is made of cedar boards and held aloft by coated aluminum legs. It includes a 6-gallon self-watering system and lockable wheels.

Sale price: $179.99

2. Winix True HEPA 4 Stage Air Purifier | $30 off

For some unlucky folks, the warmer weather is also the herald of outdoor allergy season. While Kirkland Signature allergy medications are an affordable way to deal with the worst symptoms outside, you may want a more hands-on solution for inside. This Winix air purifier offers four-stage HEPA filtration and is wifi-enabled for app control. The bundle includes an extra filter.

Sale price: $99.99

3. FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing System | $25 off

Vacuum sealing is an excellent way to store all kinds of things, from garden produce to bulky winter sweaters. While this one isn’t so great for the latter, the FoodSaver is popular for food storage of all kinds. This kit from Costco includes the handheld sealer and hose, as well as a roll of bags to get you started. If you don’t want to reload on brand-name bags, you can also check out the Kirkland Signature vacuum sealing bags (also on sale right now).

Sale price: $74.99

4. CyberPower UPS Battery Backup | $25 off

For some folks, spring means rain and storms. If the flash-and-flicker of outages is causing you to lose work — or just wifi signal — consider a battery backup. This CyberPower 1500VA/900-Watt Simulated Sine Wave UPS Battery Backup can keep your computer running when the power goes out. (I also have one on my fish tank heaters/filters for winter storms.) The device offers 10 outlets, plus USB A, USB C, and network ports.

Sale price: $124.99

5. Dash Multi-Plate Mini Waffle Maker | $6 off

Waffles are an excellent way to celebrate pretty much anything, including the arrival of spring. And this is particularly true of the spring-themed waffles you can make with this Dash Multi-Plate Mini Waffle Maker. Not only do you get the mini machine and a simple round waffle plate, but it also includes several designs perfect for the season: a bunny, a shamrock, a heart, a sunflower, and a bumblebee.

Sale price: $23.99

Year-round deals: Gift cards

Any time I’m at Costco, I make a point to swing by the gift card rack to see what kind of deals I can find. The selection can vary, but it’s always full of great discounts. You can also do the same thing online at Costco.com, where you can find lots of e-gift cards selling for below face value.

Deals cover everything from restaurants to sporting events. Here are a few stand-outs right now:

  • $100 California Pizza Kitchen e-gift card for just $69.99 (30% off)
  • $100 Instacart e-gift card for just $79.99 (20% off)
  • $100 TGI Fridays e-gift card (4x$25) for just $79.99 (20% off)
  • $50 Nintendo eShop gift card for just $44.99 (10% off)

These are just a handful of the discounted gift cards you can find at Costco. Indeed, some of these deals are so good I’d argue you could justify the membership through gift cards alone.

Of course, it’s not down to just gift cards. From year-round discounts to seasonal deals, there are a lot of ways a Costco membership can work for your budget.

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