Abey Token Now Trading on BitMart Exchange

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George Town, Cayman Islands, June 28th, 2024, Chainwire

The Abey Foundation is thrilled to announce that Abey, a pioneering Layer-1 blockchain, has officially launched the trading of its token on the BitMart cryptocurrency exchange starting from 14:00 UTC on June 26, 2024. This listing marks a significant milestone in our journey, aligning with our vision to expand global reach, enhance accessibility, and improve liquidity for our growing community.

Abey’s integration with BitMart opens new opportunities for investors and traders worldwide, making it easier than ever to engage with our innovative blockchain ecosystem. The listing on BitMart is a strategic step towards fostering a more inclusive and dynamic financial landscape, providing users with seamless access to our token. 

In addition to this exciting listing, we are continuously working on enhancing the inter-app features of the Abey blockchain, which will allow seamless interaction between different applications within the Abey ecosystem. These advancements are set to redefine the user experience, making the Abey blockchain more versatile and interactive.

Abey invites its community and new users to explore the trading offerings available on BitMart and stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming features. Users can follow Abey’s X or join Abey’s Discord to see how they can earn some bonus $ABEY through socials, signing up for trading, and more!

About BitMart

BitMart is a top-20 global digital asset trading platform, providing real-time trading services for various digital assets. With a mission to drive innovation in the blockchain industry, BitMart offers a secure, professional, and user-friendly trading experience to users worldwide.

For more information, users can visit bitmart.com.

About Abey

Built for DeFi, GameFi, Metaverse projects and more, Abey is an EVM-compatible L1 with no downtime since its launch in 2018. Its unique inter-app feature promotes greater engagement among Abey builders and users, enabling them to accumulate potential benefits from utilizing different apps within the Abey ecosystem.

To apply for a grant or read more, users can visit abey.com.


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