Angry Pepe Fork and Floki Leads MemeFi Revolution With The Aim To Rival Dogecoin’s Top Position

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As the meme coin market evolves, new emerging meme coins are exploring new use cases in order to stay relevant. Notably, Floki (FLOKI) has gone from being a mere hype meme coin to a full blown web 3 ecosystem. Following this path is a new market entrant, Angry Pepe Fork (APORK). Besides introducing a unique “conquer-to-earn”, Angry Pepe Fork also incorporates DeFi elements like staking dApp. Considering the enormous opportunity within the DeFi market, both APORK and FLOKI stand\ a chance to outpace leading meme coins like Dogecoin. 

Floki Token’s DeFi Exploration Sets New Standard For The Meme Coin Market

Since its expansion from meme coin to a full-blown web 3 service provider, Floki (FLOKI) has established itself as a pace setter in the meme coin market. Currently, Floki ecosystem now consist of a broad range of web 3 ventures including TokenFi for NFT and asset tokenization, a play-to-earn metaverse known as Vahalla, a staking dApp and a DeFi marketplace. 

Although most of these features are still undergoing development, the Floki ecosystem is fast becoming a point of reference to what the future of meme coin could look like. Meanwhile, FLOKI price has regained momentum after experiencing an extended period of decline over the past few weeks.

Just recently, the top crypto coin surged by over 15%, allowing it to reach a recent high price of $0.00018 from $0.00015. At the moment, the Floki token is trading within a weekly range of $0.00017 and $0.00017, which reflects stability in FLOKI price despite obvious volatility in the crypto market.

Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) Joins MemeFi Revolution With Innovative Incentive Model

The integration of DeFi elements alongside a unique incentive model sets Angry Pepe Fork (APORK) apart from the densely populated meme coin market. Notably, Angry Pepe Coin’s unique “conquer-to-earn” model rewards the collective effort of its community members which is aimed at ranking the native APORK token over other meme coins in the market. As such, the MemeFi platform rewards community members with free APORK token every time it outranks other stale meme coins.

However, that’s not the best part of the project. With the integration of DeFi elements, Angry Pepe Fork also introduces a staking dApp with flexible lock-in durations. Hence, participants can lock in their asset for a varying duration ranging from 30 to 60 or 90 days. Based on the lock in period, participants can earn significantly on their investment. Meanwhile, participants can accumulate both the community incentive and the staking returns and exchange them for real world value on the platform’s upcoming DEX exchange.

Right now, each APORK token is worth $0.014, with experts predicting that it could increase by over 350% when it starts getting listed on top-tier exchanges. Besides, its price is also expected to grow dramatically due to a capped supply of 1.9B tokens, signifying a huge chance for continuing increase in demand. Moreso, APORK token adopts a token and burn mechanism similar to that of Bitcoin; as such, it is expected to burn up to 80% of its token supply, which in turn boosts the token value as well as rank it among top crypto coins to buy.

Currently in the initial presale phase, the project has already raised nearly $200,000 in presale revenue and is expected to reach $500,000 this month. Conclusively, Angry Pepe Fork’s security is backed by a smart contract audit and its further plans to venture into interoperability and multi-chain exploration can rank the token as one of the best altcoins to buy for massive gain potential this year.

Dogecoin Token Continue To Demonstrate Strength Despite Emerging Rivalries

Dogecoin (DOGE) has maintained its leadership status since its debut in the crypto market more than a decade ago. However, as emerging meme coins explore new prospects within the dynamic crypto market, it is only a matter of time before Dogecoin token faces strong rivalry for its position.

Despite growing opposition, DOGE token has maintained a promising price trajectory over the years. Notably, the legacy meme coin boasts an all-time increase of over 22,200%, a growth that extends to the past one year during which it registered over 85% increase as well. Moreso, having regained positive momentum after the recent market downturn, Dogecoin is now trading within a weekly price range of $0.125 and $0.125, which reflects relative stability in its price.

Can Angry Pepe Coin Win The Race Against Floki To Surpass Dogecoin?

Maybe not today, but Angry Pepe Fork is well-equipped for a take over in the meme coin market. The combination of meme coin culture and DeFi element distinguishes the APORK token from its peers. Being at the intersection of two burgeoning markets, APORK token qualifies as a noteworthy rival against top crypto coins like Floki and Dogecoin. 


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