Free Printable Exit Ticket Bundle (8 Fun Options)

Exit tickets are a popular form of formative assessment because the concept is so simple. Students complete an exit ticket before they leave class, responding to a prompt. Teachers then review the answers to check for understanding and see who might need some extra help. Learn more about using exit tickets here, then fill out the form on this page to grab our free printable Exit Ticket Template bundle with eight different options for every kind of classroom.

Exit Ticket Template Bundle

How I’m Feeling Today

An emoji speaks a thousand words, so they’re perfect for exit tickets. Students circle one or more to show how they’re feeling after today’s lesson, then explain their selections. You can also use this one for morning meetings or mental health check-ins.

Solve It! Exit Ticket- exit ticket template

Solve It! Exit Ticket

Math or science teachers, this one’s for you! Give students one last equation to solve to demonstrate their understanding of what they’ve learned today.

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

This exit ticket makes it very easy to see what students understand and what they don’t. Evaluate these for overall themes to learn what you might need to review in the future.

What Stuck With Me

What Stuck With Me

Sticky note exit tickets are extra fun! You can print right on your sticky notes using our exit ticket template. Have students grab a blank one on their way in the door, then fill it out and add it to a “What Stuck With Me” chart on the way out.

Key Points Exit Ticket- exit ticket template

Key Points Exit Ticket

Ensure students truly understood the main ideas of your lesson by asking them to write three key points before they go.

Draw It! Exit Ticket

Draw It! Exit Ticket

Mix things up by having students draw instead of write. Ask them to illustrate the main idea, key ideas, how they’re feeling, and more. This one really allows you to be creative and can be used with any age group.

Traffic Light Exit Ticket- exit ticket template

Traffic Light Exit Ticket

Try this exit ticket with students who don’t read and write well yet. They can color in the traffic light color that matches how they feel. (Red = Don’t understand, Yellow = Need more help, Green = I understand.) There’s also room to explain their rating for those who can write.

Scale of Understanding

Scale of Understanding

Ask students to reflect on their own level of understanding by using this scale. It ranges from understanding a concept well enough to explain it to others to not understanding at all.

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