How To Set Up Apple Pay


Consumers now have the option to make transactions at some outlets using their iPhones or Apple Watch through Apple Pay, an online payment method available through the Wallet app, and here’s how to set it up.

Key Facts

Several stores are permitting shoppers “touch to pay” through Apple Pay on their iPhones.

People can use Apple Cash, a digital card that lives in the Wallet app, to send and receive money through iMessages and use Apple Pay for apps, online and select in-store purchases.

Apple users with the latest versions of iOS, iPadOS, macOS and/or watchOS can set up Apple Pay and add their banking information and credit, debit or prepaid cards in the Wallet app on compatible Apple devices.

How To Set Up Apple Pay

To set up Apple Pay on an iPhone, go to the Wallet app on any Apple device, click on the Add icon to add a debit card, credit card or prepaid card to your Wallet, Select Debit or Credit Card and the Continue button and either scan your card or opt to Enter Card Details Manually. If users want to set up Apple Pay on Apple Watch, go to the Watch app on iPhone, navigate to Wallet & Apple Pay, select Add Card and insert the card information or scan the card. If the watch is connected to the iPhone, though, there will be options to add the card that is on the iPhone to the Apple Watch where users only have to click Add Card and enter the CV or, after adding a card to the iPhone, users will have the option to also add that same card to the connected Apple Watch. To set up Apple Pay on a Mac computer or an iPad, go to System Settings or Settings, select Wallet & Apple Pay and click on Add Card to add a debit or credit card. Like the iPhone set up, users have the option to either scan their card of choice or enter details–such as card number, expiration date and CV, manually.

How To Use Apple Pay

When purchasing items in a store, shoppers can navigate to the Wallet app, select the card of choice, click on Pay with Passcode or Pay with Face ID, Double Click the side button and hold the iPhone near the reader device available at most cash registers. Characterized by a touch or tap, this payment method is available on Apple Watch as well. When shopping online, users can opt for Apple Pay as their payment method if available. Not all outlets allow touch or tap to pay, and some online retailers, such as Amazon, do not permit Apple Pay as a payment method.

Surprising Fact

In addition to credit, debit or prepaid cards, Apple users in Arizona, Colorado, Georgia and Maryland can add their state ID or driver’s licenses to the Wallet app.

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