Margex Announces $5 Million BOME Airdrop for High-Volume Traders, June 5-17

Victoria, Seyshelles, June 5th, 2024, Chainwire

Margex, a cryptocurrency trading platform, is excited to announce a $5 million airdrop of Bome (BOME) tokens.

Margex is offering users the chance to earn a share of a $5 million Bome (BOME) memecoin airdrop. Users with the highest trading volumes between June 5 and June 17, 2024, will have the opportunity to win part of this $5 million Bome (BOME) airdrop.

Bome (BOME), also known as Book of Meme, is a cryptocurrency memecoin inspired by the desire to revolutionize meme culture in the blockchain space. It aims to add real utility to non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Terms & Condition Of Bome (BOME) Airdrop Claim:

The Bome (BOME) memecoin airdrop will be awarded to Margex users who actively participate above the required trading volume between June 5 and June 17, 2024:

Trading volume:

$100,000 – $10 in BOME tokens

$250,000 – $20 in BOME tokens 

$500,000 – $30 in BOME tokens

$1M – $50 in BOME in tokens

$5M – $250 in BOME tokens

$10M – $500 in BOME tokens

$25M – $1,500 in BOME tokens

$50M – $3,000 in BOME tokens

$100M – $5,000 in BOME tokens

All trading volume will be calculated at the end of the competition, users with trading volume over the above thresholds can win a corresponding sum of Bome (BOME) tokens. These tokens will be airdropped to users with high trading volume on the Margex platform and claimed instantly.

Margex’s exclusive offer of Bome (BOME) airdrop shows a keen interest in its global fan base and in building a strong community of traders worldwide. 

Margex Includes Kaspa For Instant Deposit And Withdrawal 

Margex has also included instant deposit and withdrawal on the Kaspa network. Due to its high transaction speed and low cost, Kaspa allows users to enjoy a better trading experience.

Additionally, Margex has spent $3 million re-designing its platform, enabling a zero-fee converter for easy swapping of cryptocurrencies and diversification. Users also have access to its standout automated copy trading platform to replicate trades of professional traders. 

Margex plans to unveil its ultra-modern wallet, providing users with the ability to have full custody and keep crypto assets safe while enjoying better experience trading on the Margex platform. 

About Margex

Margex is a boutique cryptocurrency exchange established in 2019, providing users access to a safe, powerful, and convenient copy trading platform. Margex copy trading makes trading simple yet effective for traders of any experience level.

Users of all types can potentially earn a return on their equity by replicating the trades of professional traders with no experience required, while skilled traders can potentially earn income by allowing other users to copy successful strategies. 

With a minimum deposit of $10, traders can access all of Margex’s copy trading functionality, as it remains the most user-friendly platform in the crypto industry. 

Users can follow Margex on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord, and YouTube, or join the Margex team

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