Millionaire Crypto Investor Recommends Switching from Ripple (XRP) to Pandoshi (PAMBO)

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A popular millionaire crypto investor, who has been navigating the crypto market for a while, has recently suggested that investors should switch from Ripple (XRP) to Pandoshi (PAMBO). In his own words: “Anyone holding Ripple now should sell and buy Pandoshi’s PAMBO instead. It has more potential for gains.” Following this suggestion, several investors have purchased huge amounts of Pandoshi (PAMBO).

Let’s dive in and uncover the truths around Pandoshi, a seemingly attractive crypto asset built around a robust and vibrant ecosystem. Does the millionaire have solid reasons for this audacious claim?

From Ripple (XRP) to Pandoshi (XRP)

Ripple has enjoyed the spotlight for quite a while since its launch in 2013; for both positive price action and challenges with SEC. Within a short time after the 2017 bull run, XRP increased by over 1820%. Naturally, investors were thrilled. However, the excitement was short-lived when the crypto experienced a 93% loss in value a few months later; reminding investors of how risky the coin is. XRP raised its holders’ hopes again in the 2021 crypto market bullish trend; the coin’s price increased by over 710%. The crypto world was impressed and was preparing to create millions with XRP. However, XRP has since then been on a downward trend; its value slowly declining with time.

Ripple’s initial success was due to the advantages it offered the DeFi world; lightning speed transactions, at remarkably minimal fees. However, its centralized ecosystem caught the attention of several users most notably the U.S SEC. Ripple has been dealing with lawsuits with the SEC for years; which had a diverse impact on the XRP price.  Its centralized nature and the never-ending battle with SEC have cast a shadow over Ripple’s potentially promising future. In a landscape where investors are always looking for the best assets to grow their wealth; Pandoshi (PAMBO) has emerged as a radiant beacon of hope within the DeFi industry. While Ripple is occupied with battles, Pandoshi (PAMBO) is swiftly building an exciting community justified by its well-balanced ecosystem.

Unlike Ripple, Pandoshi offers true decentralization. Without middlemen or intermediaries, Pandoshi has created an ecosystem that allows for swifter and more secure transactions at mere fractions of cents in gas fees. The decentralization gives users a sense of autonomy and control over their assets. As Ripple (XRP) struggles with regulatory scrutiny, Pandoshi (PAMBO) is making strides in its final phase of presale at $0.01. So far, the new crypto has increased by 500% in less than 3 months. Currently, investors are pumping over $350,000 into the token sale daily.

Why the Crypto Millionaire is Advising Users to Sell XRP and Buy PAMBO

Innovation Driven

Pandoshi has created a series of innovative solutions and products; including a learning platform, a decentralized community, and metaverse blockchain gaming. Plans are underway to ensure the innovation continues. On the contrary, Ripple seems to be stagnant in terms of innovation or product development.


While Ripple operates on a centralized network, which beats the essence of cryptocurrencies, Pandoshi is thriving on a fully decentralized network with a PoS consensus mechanism. This makes Pandoshi more transparent, resistant to manipulation, and more secure. 

Access to DeFi Market Revenue

The total crypto market cap is over $1.5 trillion while the DeFi market cap is about $200 billion. In such a promising environment, Pandoshi Unique features set it on the path of acquiring huge sections of both the crypto and DeFi market share. Investors have a chance to grab a part of this revenue.

Extensive Utility

Pandoshi has created diverse platforms on which PAMBO will be necessary and useful. These platforms include; a learning platform, blockchain gaming, a merchandise store as well and prepaid cards that would be used in the real world.

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