MoonBag ($MBAG) Price Prediction – MBAG ICO Raises $3 Million, Next Big Crypto?

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Newly-launched meme coin project, MoonBag (MBAG) has raised upwards of $3 million from degen investors.

Presently in the sixth stage of its multi-stage ICO campaign, MoonBag has lured the attention of the investing community with its deflationary attribute and staking offering. 

However, does it have a future beyond its ICO? How far will it go once the campaign concludes? This article will consider the project’s fundamentals and current macroeconomic factors to forecast where it might land in the coming months. 

What Is MoonBag? 

MoonBag says it is not just a meme coin but investors’ “rocket to the moon and beyond.” Developed on Ethereum, MoonBag presents an interesting mascot that tells the narrative of a monkey and its crew who have embarked on a tireless journey from Earth to the Moon so as to engineer a new pathway to financial freedom. 

According to its whitepaper, the main objective of MoonBag is to build an active community of dedicated degens who are seeking to capitalize on the meme mania to increase their bags. In keeping true to this mission, the project has already put in place some community-centric mechanisms to incentivize investors who take advantage of the low-entry opportunity provided by its presale. 

First, MoonBag, according to its website, is offering free crypto rewards of up to $500 USDC through its referral program. Additionally, it has a staking facility where presale participants can lock their tokens to earn at least 88% APY. 


Stake $MBAG with 88% APY 💰Participate in MoonBag staking on the platform and earn 88% APY on your assets. Fuel your bag to the max for a long journey through space! 🚀📌 Buy tokens and join staking here:

— Moonbag (@Moonbag_org) July 1, 2024

Ahead of its IEO debut, MoonBag has designed a launch strategy that will not only improve the token’s market performance but also enhance investors’ confidence in its potential. The team wants to inject a total amount of $3.5 million in liquidity immediately after it launches. 


The injected liquidity will be dedicated to its buyback and burn strategy, thereby fostering the token’s scarcity. 

MoonBag ($MBAG) Price Prediction 

Since MoonBag is still live on presale, it is not viable to use technical indicators to gauge its price action. Nonetheless, the combination of its meme coin concept, buy back and burn policy, aggressive marketing, and staking feature offer some insights into where its price may be heading shortly after it makes it lands on exchanges. 

At the time of writing, 1 MBAG sells for a discounted price of 0.0003 USDT. The price is expected to increase as soon as it enters the subsequent stages of its ICO event. 

Despite being a brand-new meme coin, MoonBag has been causing waves due to the multiple benefits that it promises. Apart from its standard APY reward, early birds will also bag free cash incentives for inviting friends and families to join the token’s presale. 

This impressive strategy alongside the increasing popularity of meme coins has triggered the buzz around $MBAG, allowing it to gather substantial funding from investors and build a vibrant community of meme enthusiasts.  

If the current hype around MoonBag is anything to go by, there’s a possibility that the token could attract multiple exchanges as soon as it draws the curtains on its presale. With the listing price pegged at $0.0030, the team behind the project says those who purchase $MBAG during its presale stage can earn a 9900% post-launch ROI.

More so, given its deflationary model, MoonBag ($MBAG) may experience a gradual price growth after it opens for trading, potentially as high as $0.0055. The project has stated that it has dedicated all the injected liquidity to its buyback and burn system to avert sudden price volatility. 

However, while this strategy is good for MoonBag’s stability, developers still need to introduce some compelling updates that can add more value to the project. Considering the influx of utility-driven meme coins entering the market every day, MoonBag’s inability to integrate a significant use case into its ecosystem may prove detrimental to its lofty ambition to become the next big meme coin. 

WienerAI ($WAI) Could Be The Best Alternative To MoonBag

WienerAI prides itself as a top alternative to MoonBag, thanks to its integration of a real-world utility. Despite being a meme coin, WienerAI has distinguished itself by offering an AI-powered trading bot that can help traders spot potential opportunities in the market. 

Describing itself as the universe’s most powerful AI trading bot, WienerAI’s trading bot features a predictive technology that can scour the market to identify the next crypto winner, analyze trading signals, and offer accurate trading suggestions. 

Complementing its market appeal is its support for seamless swaps which allows users to find potential large gainers at zero fees. Also, it offers MEV protection alongside a user-friendly interface, making it a must-have tool for beginners and professional traders alike. 

Unlike MoonBag which relies only on its meme posture and community support alone, WienerAI offers something more valuable than its humorous posture. The revolutionary project is committed to aiding the relationship between humans and AI, making them partners in progress. 

Also, when it comes to staking, WienerAI offers an APY significantly higher than that of MoonBag token. At press time, the APY is over 160%. This aspect of the token, coupled with its meme lore and trading bot utility, has put it on the watchlist of investors seeking to diversify into a crypto asset that offers a combination of fun and functionality. 

In recent weeks, WienerAI has been featured on popular crypto publications, including Insidebitcoins, Cryptonews, Cointelegraph, and Techopedia. 

WienerAI was named among the 5 best meme coins with big potential by a well-known crypto influencer Jacob Bury.

Traders looking for the next big crypto can visit the official website of the project at to participate in the $WAI presale. It is possible to purchase the token with ETH, USDT, BNB, or bank cards. 

To stay updated about its future listings, follow WienerAI on X.

Buy WienerAI (WAI)

Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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