Netflix’s ‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ Lands Season 3, But A Major Cast Member Is Departing

As expected with its high viewership and relatively low cost, The Lincoln Lawyer has been renewed by Netflix for season 3, as I believe it’s their new goal to turn this into their own “Suits,” the legal-based licensed hit that has permanently planted in its top 10 list.

However, The Lincoln Lawyer is at least temporarily losing one of its major cast members, though no, obviously not Mickey Haller himself, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo.

That would be Neve Campbell as Mickey’s ex-wife Maggie McPherson. Why is she leaving? Well, she had a lesser role in the second season compared to other supporting characters, and in the finale (spoilers follow) she accepted a new job in a new city. Campbell was not in Michael Connelly’s fifth book at all, The Gods of Guilt, which is what’s being adapted for season 3. But that doesn’t mean she won’t return in the future. I’m guessing they just didn’t want to write her into a story she wasn’t meant to be a part of in the first place. Neve Campbell has better things to do!

Here’s what Netflix VP of scripted series Peter Friedlander said while announcing the news:

“We’re thrilled to bring back The Lincoln Lawyer for a third season. Ted Humphrey and Dailyn Rodriguez have taken us deeper into Mickey Haller’s world, building out characters and stories that have connected with our global audience, and we look forward to seeing what they have in store for everyone’s favorite lawyer. The show continues to top our global lists and it’s a testament to the work from a creative powerhouse team including Michael Connelly, David E. Kelly, Ross Fineman and our partners at A+E Studios.”

In many ways, The Lincoln Lawyer is a dream series for Netflix, one they’d like to run indefinitely with loads of source material to draw on, a low cost which includes no wild special effects and no A-list stars with pricey salaries. Though of course the entire point of the writers and actors strikes is that the people making these shows should be paid more than Netflix is giving them, in addition to better residuals when they become hits.

The strike is going to have a serious impact on season 3 of The Lincoln Lawyer and many others. Even if there’s source material, an actual script cannot be worked on further until the strike is resolved, and no filming can begin. While there were 15 months between seasons 1 and 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer, the gap between 2 and 3 is likely to be much longer, depending on how long the strike presses on.

So, good news for the show, but it’s unclear when we’ll actually see season 3 arrive.

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