Next Pepe Rival ‘Pepe Unchained’ Raises $700k In ICO In Days

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A new meme coin – tipped by some experts as the next Pepe alternative – has just kickstarted its highly-anticipated ICO.

Pepe Unchained (PEPU) has already raised over $700k in just over a few days, a testament to its strong early demand and high upside potential. 

In a rare move, the new meme coin has launched its own Ethereum-compatible, Layer-2 blockchain, which is expected to provide a major boost to its demand. 

The innovative concept has caught the attention of smart money traders, with some even projecting 10x gains after its launch. 

What Is Pepe Unchained?

Pepe Unchained is aiming to emerge as the next big Pepe alternative, backed by its native Layer-2 blockchain

Following Pepe’s remarkable success, several new tokens have cropped up, aiming to replicate its skyrocketing price trajectory. In fact, other Pepe The Frog-themed tokens such as PeiPei, Pepe 2.0 and PepeFork saw notable short-term success. 

However, owing to the lack of any meaningful utility, these coins were soon reduced to pump-and-dump vehicles for the whales and insiders, with hardly any retail involvement. Indeed, it could be extremely costly for small-scale investors to buy and trade the aforementioned ERC-20 meme coins, owing to the high transaction fees involved.

On the contrary, Pepe Unchained’s Layer-2 blockchain puts it in an altogether different category of high-potential meme coins. The Layer-2 network is expected to significantly reduce the trading fees and transaction time associated with the meme coin, which could drive up the retail investment in PEPU. 

Additionally, Pepe Unchained has launched its own staking protocol, with a reward rate much higher than the industry standard. For instance, stakers are currently earning an APY of over 2900%. 

While the yield percentage is expected to decrease with time, it will likely remain much higher than that of large-cap chains such as Ethereum and Solana. 

The attractive passive income from staking could further increase PEPU’s appeal to both the whales and the small-scale investors.

Is PEPU The Next PEPE?

Experts believe that PEPU is a much better candidate for being the next PEPE than most other copycat tokens that do not contribute to the meme coin meta in any way. 

In fact, a better comparison for PEPU could be Brett, another relatively new meme coin that has emerged as an excellent alternative to Pepe. Similar to Pepe, Brett traces its roots to Matt Furie’s The Boy’s Club webcomics. 

Brett’s price has more than doubled in the past month for many of the same reasons as PEPU. Being a Base meme coin, Brett also has low trading fees and therefore sees significant retail investment. 

Thanks to its Layer 2 blockchain, Pepe Unchained could be the next to explode. As previously mentioned, smart money traders are bullish on PEPU, with Crypto Boy even hinting at the possibility of 100x gains. 

How To Buy Pepe Unchained?

If PEPU indeed turns out to be the next Pepe, early buyers are set to benefit the most. Indeed, several small-scale investors turned into millionaires, simply by investing as little as $200 early in PEPE. 

Interested buyers can head to the and utilize the over-the-counter widget to buy the meme coin. They could use an acceptable bank card or swap ETH, BNB or USDT in exchange for PEPU. 

Currently, the meme coin is only priced at $0.008. However, this price is set to increase in just 2 days on June 28th. 

Investors can also follow the project’s X and Telegram accounts to keep up with the latest updates. 

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Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice. 

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