Notcoin Makes New All-Time High Above $0.02, What’s Next For Cardano and 1000x Leverage DTX Exchange

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Following a promising price rally by Notcoin, investors again turn their eyes to Cardano and DTX Exchange for growth. Notcoin’s storming upside movement beyond $0.01 triggered the bull sentiment for ADA and DTX investors to aim for price levels above $1 in the upcoming altcoin summer. 

Let’s explore the factors behind Notcoin’s ground-breaking price rally and determine which altcoin from DTX Exchange and Cardano can offer similar gains.

Notcoin Tops Crypto Market With 260% Price Hike

Several key developments led Notcoin to hit a new all-time high of $0.0274 on May 2. According to Sergey Zasori, the launch of a new staking program and marketing strategies have put the play-to-earn game token, NOT, in the spotlight. Moreover, Notcoin’s recent integration with the TON ecosystem has also played a significant role in the price rally of the token.  

Notcoin boasts a robust community of 35 million players. The recent announcement of its airdrop phase 1 on May 26 signifies the community-driven tokenomics of the project. With the launch of the Earning Mission Program, NOT’s transactional volume has surged to $4.3 billion with a price surge of 260% on the weekly chart. As investors continue to accumulate tokens, optimism for Notcoin sustains indicating a potential rally beyond $0.5. 

Community Calls Cardano (ADA) a Stablecoin at $0.45

Cardano has long been in the consolidation phase, failing to meet market expectations as a top-ranking crypto should. Taking high competition from neighboring cryptos in the ranking table, ADA can slide below the top 10 cryptos anytime due to its persistent sluggish momentum in the mid-range of $0.44 – $0.46. 

Cardano recorded the lowest daily transaction rate since 2021 after the focus shift to Ethereum ETF by the end of March. The community is making jokes and puns around ADA’s stagnancy as it is a stablecoin. Experts have also criticized the slow and outdated developments in the ecosystem, leading users to shift to other profitable PoS protocols.

Several analysts suggest that this stagnant phase can be accumulative due to high transactional volume as it was in 2021, leading the price to new levels. However, the charts indicate a further downward trend for ADA as the On-Balance Volume continues to slide down.

DTX Exchange (DTX) Storms Up With Massive $620k Raised

DTX Exchange (DTX) is an emerging tradFi platform, that includes a set of cutting-edge solutions for enhancing the trading experience. The hybrid platform of DTX empowers traders with advanced automation strategies and 1000x leverage through which gaining higher market positions with minimal capital becomes easy. 

The project’s seamless mechanisms and platform offering gas-free transactions at a speed of 0.04 seconds have put it in the spotlight. DTX Exchange’s ultimate strength lies in the security protocols and blockchain L1 technology. Users can maintain complete access to their assets and private keys through the non-custodial wallets and no-KYC approach.

DTX Exchange will likely conclude its presale much faster than expected amid the surging presale demand. The project has raised $620,000 in stage 2 of the presale and shows no signs of stopping soon. As the project goes live on the mainnet, the DTX token is expected to surge beyond $1. 

Conclusion – DTX Exchange vs Cardano

While the trendline for Cardano is negative, DTX Exchange is a much better choice to take a bet on. Due to its outstanding performance in 2024, the DTX token is poised to display gains as the presale stages conclude. With the anticipated listing in Q2, DTX holds the potential to outpace major market players due to its ground-breaking offerings and high investor turnout. 

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