Sandy Baltimore Offers PSG Their First 2023 Women’s French Cup Triumph

The AMOS Women’s French Cup is a friendly women’s inter-club football competition created in 2017 yearly taking place in Toulouse, France. It is usually played between 4 European clubs as a pre-season preparation.

For the sixth edition, the participating teams were Paris Saint Germain, Atlético de Madrid, AC Milan, and Liverpool FC.

In the semi-finals, PSG and Milan faced Liverpool and Atletico Madrid respectively. They came out on top and set a meeting for the Cup’s final on Thursday, 31.

The Parisians ensured adding their name to the list of the tournament’s winners winning the match by the score of 2-1.

Before the final, Atletico Madrid and Liverpool competed in a third-place match in which the Spanish side came on top.

Paris Saint Germain – AC Milan

Paris Saint Germain is the winner of the 6th edition of the AMOS Women’s French Cup.

From the kick-off, PSG’s intention was clear: winning this edition of the Amos Women’s French Cup. PSG has already participated several times in the tournament without winning. Gérard Prêcheur fielded a starting eleven that featured notable World Cup players like Sakina Karchaoui and Grace Geyoro, giving his team the means to bring down Milan.

After a couple of missing chances, Baltimore finally opened the score for her team. Martens’ shot was saved by Laura Giuliani but the French youngster was in the right place to net the ball home (34′, 1-0). Just before the break, Baltimore doubled the lead after a decisive assist by Sakina Karchaoui (41′, 2-0).

At half-time, Constance Picaud was subbed in replacing Katarzyna Kiedrzynek. Challenged on several occasions, the international tricolor defended her cage. At the hour mark, Gérard Prêcheur made 7 changes. Among the entrants, was Oriane Jean-François, who was called up for France’s World Cup squad but had to withdraw a few earlier due to an injury. Despite attempts by Ramona Bachmann and Grace Geyoro, Paris was unable to widen the gap.

Emelyne Laurent, AC Milan’s French player, revived the suspense a little at the end of the match with a direct free kick (83′, 2-1) but PSG was able to hold on despite the Italian efforts.

Paris Saint Germain Starting Eleven

1 Kiedrzynek; 7 Karchaoui – 28 Le Guilly – 23 Tounkara – 19 Calligaris; 14 Groenen – 18 Fazer – 8 Geyoro; 22 Martens – 20 Vangsgaard – 21 Baltimore.

AC Milan Starting Eleven

5 Giuliani; 3 Andersen Thrige – 6 Fusetti – 4 Arnadottir – 37 Guagni; 11 Grimshaw – 5 Cernoia – 17 Vigilucci; 70 Marinelli – 99 Domping – 7 Bergamaschi

Atletico Madrid – FC Liverpool

Earlier in the evening, the small final of the competition witnessed Atletico Madrid defeating their English counterparts at the Stade Bendichou in Colomiers.

Faced with a well-established English team led by a solid Gemma Bonner, Atletico struggled to get past the opposing defense. Despite their possession of the ball, the Liverpool players were caught off guard.

On a beautiful curled shot from Ainhoa ​​Vicente Moraza, the Madrilenians opened the score (32′, 1-0). Fastly reacting, Matt Beard made a first change subbing Ceri Holland in place of Sofie Lundgaard (38′).

One minute after coming into play, the 25-year-old was involved in a penalty action in favor of the Reds, converted by Missy Kearns (40′, 1-1).

Returning from the locker room, the Spaniards wasted no time in regaining the advantage. Lonely in the area, Rasheedat Ajibade served Marta Cardona, who successfully netted the ball in the back of the net (50′, 2-1).

Despite Liverpool’s multiple attempts to equalize during the second half, Lola Gallardo defended her goal perfectly and allowed her team to secure third place in the tournament.

Atletico Madrid Starting Eleven

1 Gallardo; 3 Moraza – 4 Van Dongen – 11 Menayo – 20 Medina; 5 Majarin – 10 Santos – 20 Banini; 9 Cardona – 16 Ajibade – 18 Sheila

Liverpool Starting Eleven

1 Laws; 12 Hinds – 5 Fahey – 17 Clark – 23 Bonner – 32 Parry; 8 Nagano – 15 Lungaard – 7 Kearns; 20 Daniels – 47 Chadwick

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