Season 2 Of “Drag Race France” Ends With A New Queen Crowned

Season 2 of Drag Race France, hosted by Nicky Doll, has drawn to a close and history has been made several times over with the crowning of a new reigning queen.

Known for competing as the mother of the House of Revlon on “Legendary” on Max, formerly known as HBO Max, Keiona has been crowned as the reigning queen of Drag Race France. Her house came in third on Legendary, but things have played out differently for the reality tv veteran this time around. Known for having a strong presence in the competition with 2 challenge wins under her belt, her unique sense of style, and her amazing display of vogue femme, Keiona made Drag Race history by winning the competition with the technical best overall track record on any of Drag Race season.

In a stellar final lip sync for the crown, Keiona battled against her fellow contestant, Sara Forever, in front of a live audience to the tune of Titanium by David Guetta featuring Sia. Both contestants performed admirably, with several outfit reveals from both queens and Sara Forever even having paint come out of her bodysuit. Still, with everything that both queens gave in the performance, Keiona was able to command the attention of the live audience with her dance moves and managed to secure her win as the second-ever reigning queen of Drag Race France.

When Keiona was crowned by Paloma, the winner of season 1 of Drag Race France, the voguing queen was overcome with emotion and gratitude. Even at the live viewing of the episode, where the queens would see, in real time, which of them would be crowned, Keiona began to cry when she heard the announcement that she had officially been made the winner of season 2. Cheers could be heard as her fellow contestants in the top hugged and wished her well for her well-deserved win.

There have been winners from previous seasons that have placed high throughout their respective runs, and even queens that have gone on to win multiple challenges, however, even with these fantastic feats, Drag Race France brought about a unique run in Keiona. Not only did Keiona have the previously mentioned wins during her time on the show, but she also placed high on every single episode of the season before her eventual crowning.

There have been queens, like Bianca Del Rio who won season 6 of Drag Race, that have never placed at the bottom during their seasons, but there has never been a queen that has been able to place at the top of every single episode until Keiona. While some might debate that Keiona does not have the most challenges won in a season, none can argue that with the fact that her run is unique across the many different iterations of the Drag Race franchise.

Being French-Ivorian, Keiona’s win also makes her the first Black queen to win an international season of Drag Race that wasn’t an All Stars-esque season with returning Drag Race Alumni, as Ra’Jah O’Hara was crowned in Canada Vs The World at the end of 2022.

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