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VanEck has filed an application for a Spot Solana ETF. This is on the heels of the already approved Spot Ethereum ETFs. With a predicted date for approval and then potential launch in mid-2025, what could the impact of this be on the price of $SOL?

The crypto markets are buzzing. A quite unexpected filing for a Spot Solana ETF from fund manager VanEck has rocked the market, causing retail investors and institutions to sit up and take notice.

Blinks disruptive payments technology

This positive news comes at a time when Solana is leading up to the rollout of its Firedance validation client later this year, and also has just implemented “Blinks”, which is an incredibly disruptive payments technology that allows anyone to embed a link on their business platform or even in a social media post, which can be used to make a transaction without leaving that platform.

The VanEck Solana ETF model

VanEck’s analysts Patrick Bush and Matthew Sigel have done their homework on Solana, and a model has been published on VanEck’s website giving the predicted base, bear, and bull cases for the valuation of Solana by 2030.

Source: VanEck Research

As can be seen from the chart taken from VanEck’s predictive research, the base case valuation of $SOL for 2030 is $335, bear case is $10, and bull case is $3,211.

YouTube Invest Answers model

Source: Invest Answers

YouTube crypto analyst James from the Invest Answers channel, has built his own model for the valuation of $SOL, but also using the predicted $15 billion inflow used by the VanEck model, and he uses 20x, 30x, and 50x multipliers which give a future price of $799, $1,123, and $1,772 respectively. The last most bullish prediction would give a potential return of nearly 1,100%.

$SOL is up around 900% since a year ago, and is the best performing of the top layer 1 cryptocurrencies over this period. Will Solana be able to integrate its Firedancer validator client, and will this lead to similar speeds to those experienced on the Nasdaq? Time will tell. But if Solana can manage the transition smoothly, there could be a lot more ROI coming to holders of $SOL in the future.

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