Web3 Foundation Awards Decentralized Futures Grant To Dot Play

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The Web3 Foundation has awarded Dot Play a Decentralized Futures Grant, a significant development for Polkadot’s gaming ecosystem. 

Dot Play plans to create a comprehensive and engaging platform that will attract and support game developers who want to leverage Polkadot’s cutting-edge technology. 

A Crucial Hub For Gaming In Polkadot 

The Web3 Foundation announced the Decentralized Futures Grant on its official X handle. According to the announcement, Dot Play will allow developers to leverage the Polkadot platform’s cutting-edge technology

“Exciting News! Dot Play has been awarded a Decentralized Futures Grant, marking a significant milestone for gaming within the Polkadot ecosystem. This project aims to create a comprehensive and engaging platform for game developers to leverage Polkadot’s cutting-edge technology.”

Dot Play will focus on the highest growth genres within gaming, build essential integration tools, and provide sustainable business development support to create a pivotal gaming hub in Polkadot. The project consists of several key initiatives, such as the DotPlay Gaming Portal, Ecosystem Support, and Technical Integration. 

  • DotPlay Gaming Portal – The Dot Play Gaming Portal will act as a hub for onboarding game developers, offering them comprehensive resources and a direct line to the Dot Play team. 

  • Ecosystem Support – Collaborations with Polkadot teams and agents will help foster greater cooperation and help create a diverse ecosystem for Polkadot-based games. 

  • Technical Integration – Dot Play will help projects ease into the Polkadot ecosystem by assessing the Game Design Document (GDD) and developing the blockchain solution architecture. This will ensure seamless integration with the Polkadot technology stack. 

The Dot Play team consists of Angela Dalton, Nick Douzinas, Keshav Holani, and Eliza Jappinen, who come with extensive experience in gaming and blockchain technology. 

Dot Play Deliverables 

Dot Play aims to deliver the following. 

  • The DotPlay Portal – A dedicated gaming portal that will facilitate project onboarding and provide resources for developers and users. 

  • Game Advisory And Technical Support – Dot Play will offer comprehensive support for game design and blockchain integration. This will ensure projects meet the integration criteria of the Polkadot ecosystem. 

  • Ecosystem Tooling and Partnerships – Dot Play will facilitate the development of SDKs for Unity and Unreal and other tools to support game development on Polkadot. 

The Future 

Dot Play aims to create a sustainable and thriving gaming ecosystem within Polkadot. The project will take feedback from the community and adapt to the latest trends in blockchain technology and gaming. The team behind Dot Play will also look for additional funding and partnerships to support more projects and expand their impact on gaming.

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